ESG Investment Efforts Near $4 Trillion In Commitments as Banks Are Betting Heavily On Sustainability

Since the turnover of the White House and a new emphasis by the SEC to promote environmental social and governance and sustainable investment Wall Street has not only sought to comply but is full-on embracing the policy movement. The street is now mobilizing trillions of dollars in investment towards clean energy investing and sustainability finance. Big banks have the room and are now piling in from advisory to, investment, to bond and credit financing instruments.

Source: Brookfield Brief

According to Refinitiv data, the cumulative borrowing through green bonds, social bonds, and sustainability bonds stood at $264 billion in the first quarter of this…

The vote to determine whether Amazon workers in Birmingham, Alabama will form the first union at Amazon is set to begin, which is estimated to affect over 6,000 Amazon employees at the Bessemer warehouse and have broader implications nationwide. The results, however, might be delayed due to potential and likely legal challenges from whoever ends up losing the vote.

Amazon Warehouse (Credits: Zonrank)

Initially, the count was slated to begin publicly this last week, but due to unforeseen challenges that don’t yet seem quite clear, the vote has been pushed back several times. The National Labor Relations Board has stated that the public portion…

The worlds second-largest market and fifth-largest economy has become the battleground for what might be the fiercest battle for market share since the dawn of the tech boom. In the past year, Google has pledged to invest over $10 billion within the next 5 years, Facebook invested $5.7 billion on India’s Jio in addition to having over 340 million Indian users on WhatsApp, one of Facebook's core products, and Amazon has invested over $6.5 billion.

Google for India (Credits: PC Mag)

India is being perceived as the last uncharted large open market, with China’s preference to its own domestic tech giants, India has been left as…

The equipment many farmers are now using is a lot different from the tractors we had once become accustomed to. Today’s modern tractors are fully equipped with software and technology that is designed to improve efficiency and increase yields. In order to repair these features, however, it requires digital tools — tools that your average farmer cannot buy and cost a fortune.

“I consider myself to be a bit of a handyman,” stated Barry Hovis recently, a member of the Missouri House of Representatives and a local farmer. “When I tried to buy the software tools, I needed to do…

The crazy world of crypto continues to baffle the world. Two years ago, digital cats were selling for six-figure amounts, with the highest “crypto kitty” selling for $170,000. Last month a computer-animated, flying cat with a pop tart for a body sold for $580,000 — after which, its creator stated, “I feel like I’ve opened up the floodgates”. The creator in question, named Mr. Torres, may have done just that.

NFT Art Rendering (Credits Blockchain News)

Last week a GIF of Lebron James dunking sold for $208,000, followed by several million-dollar purchases of NFT. However, this week broke new records. A digital art collage was purchased…

Twitter has remained pretty much the exact same for years now. Maybe the company’s most memorable update and new feature was when it doubled the number of characters that could fit into a single tweet in 2017.

Twitter Logo (credits: Pixabay)

Recently, however, the tech giant has signaled a willingness to change. Twitter recently announced that it’s going to be building a lot of new things into its product. The company recently announced a new featuring it plans on launching soon called ‘Twitter Spaces’, a live audio feature similar to the Clubhouse app. They have also launched ‘Twitter Fleets’, similar to Snap and Instagram…

Upon the news of Walmart poaching talent from Goldman Sachs, the reporting has frenzied with tales that the big bad wolf has come to town and is looking to blow Wall Street’s house down. While it’s true banks don’t like the thought of retailers with large footprints throwing their hats in the ring, it’s a big ring.

A Walmart Store Source: Daybreak Omni Group Via Google

There are a few things to consider with Walmart moving into retail finance: Chief among them, and as suspect as it sounds, is buyer psychology. Americans are really weird when it comes to money compared to the rest of the west — and…

Texas is a state of strong traditions and beliefs. With a proud history in the oil business, pump jacks have become as iconic to the state as the infamous Lonestar that inhabits its flag. They are a part of the often-rugged landscape of Texas and the culture of the state itself, since oil was first discovered near Beaumont in the early 20th century. It has been the United States’ leading energy producer for the last century and has been a tour de force in the business — Texas does nothing small.

Then the unthinkable happened last week, energy and electricity…

For those that are unfamiliar OneWeb and SpaceX’s Starlink, they have been constructing a massive constellation of thousands of satellites to help deliver 5G internet connectivity and low latency broadband to the world.

Starlink Satellite Constellation (credits: Starlink & Android Authority)

Starlink has now started to offer $99 preorders of the service to general public. In the last 2 weeks, it has gathered over 10,000 customers. As of now the service is live with limited coverage. The initial stated goal was to provide internet connectivity to rural areas. However, the end goal could be far more ambitious in displacing ground telecom networks entirely. …

The beginning of the pandemic caused the forces of markets and supply chains to fundamentally re-align. In capital markets, cashflow squeezes caused a liquidity crunch, with manufacturing & retail facilities shutting down and needing time to adapt to a new normal. What we experienced was a massive supply chain disruption, and although we are starting to put 2020 behind us, we’re still seeing shockwaves being sent through supply chains in critical sectors.

Snapdragon 888 (AndroidPIT)

The world is currently facing a global chip shortage, a phenomenon that may send western, post-pandemic recovery efforts into a dismal state of affairs. …

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