The Big Changes Coming to the Twittersphere

Twitter has remained pretty much the exact same for years now. Maybe the company’s most memorable update and new feature was when it doubled the number of characters that could fit into a single tweet in 2017.

Twitter Logo (credits: Pixabay)

Recently, however, the tech giant has signaled a willingness to change. Twitter recently announced that it’s going to be building a lot of new things into its product. The company recently announced a new featuring it plans on launching soon called ‘Twitter Spaces’, a live audio feature similar to the Clubhouse app. They have also launched ‘Twitter Fleets’, similar to Snap and Instagram Stories, and the company announced a new feature called ‘Super Follows’, which will set up paid subscription options for access to exclusive content from creators. Twitter has also just acquired Revue, a newsletter product of the same mold as Substack.

“The notion of Twitter even changing feels like a novel concept,” said Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s head of consumer product, in a recent interview. “It’s still so far from achieving its potential, despite how much influence and value it does have in the world.”

The tech giant also plans on launching new community groups later in the year, allowing users to create groups based on certain interests and create moderation rules for their own group. It’s a whole heck of a lot, especially after Twitter spent so long seemingly not adding any features at all.

The subscription option could attract more influencers, who have become accustomed to earning revenue from their content on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Twitter stated that people who ‘Super Follow’ an account could possibly get a badge on their profile showing their support and access to content behind a paywall.

The social media behemoth intends on boosting its number of daily active users to 315 million and at least doubling its annual revenue, while simultaneously increasing the speed at which it released new features to the public. The announcements were made during a meeting with analysts and investors by Jack Dorsey, and the company has not yet given any specific timeline regarding the launch of all of these features.

“I think for us, this is fundamentally Twitter.” Said Beykpour in a recent interview on the new changes and features coming to the company. “People have been coming to Twitter to talk about what’s happening for 15 years. It’s imperative that we build this into the product in a way that feels supernatural and cohesive and allows people to have a new form factor in which they can talk about what’s happening and find interesting conversations. So that’s our focus, we are excited by the energy and the ecosystem as well. And I think there’ll be lots of people who have different riffs on it.”

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